Abbey Road in Perspective

I went to see a Beatles Tribute Band, Upbeat Beatles, last night and had an ace time. There are a lot of love songs in the early sets so that was a little hard but turned my focus to my love for Chris having felt so special.

I made this Abbey Road cover over month ago, before I knew I was going to the concert. They wore these outfits on stage for the final set and I thought, OK, time to post this.

I may or may not have mentioned before taking an online art class, Digital Drawing Club with Mark Daniel Nelson, and each week we have Procreate based lessons and assignments. This lesson was on “the city in perspective” and how to adjust source photos to get people where you want them looking about right.

I think it looks great with just the Beatles and it has it’s own meaning related to the Beatles.

With the add of two more pop culture references I have, in some ways, clouded the issue, but at the same time I’ve made it more about me – and Chris. So that seems like a step in the right direction.

I’ve thought about going to town and giving it the full Sgt. Pepper treatment. We’ll see… I would definitely start with Mick and Keith from Stella Street.

Thanks for being here.


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