Blue Egg in a Pink Space

Blue Egg in a Pink Space, oil on canvas, 6x6 inches, Kato D 2019
Blue Egg in a Pink Space, oil on canvas, 6x6 inches, Kato D 2019

This painting made me ponder, if one lived on a Jovian moon, might Jupiter sometimes completely fill the window...


Back on Earth, I'm on the quest for the perfect pink and as you can imagine, it can be challenging.  To complicate things, what I see on my canvas is never what shows up in my photo and I am forced to make decisions in photoshop, a slippery slope...

Since starting this painting and after buying an expensive tube of Alizarin Crimson (PR83) I come to find out it's rubbish and fades.  I was about to buy an Old Holland Crimson Lake Extra but I'm trying to limit my palette at the mo to Cad Red, Cad Yellow, Cobalt Blue (Hue, will buy a real blue if I start selling any paintings), Burnt Umber, Titanium White and Transparent White (not zinc either, sheesh, oil painting is expensive enough without fugitive and flaking colors being sold right and left!) Ultramarine Blue I'm using sometimes, too.

This painting also has iridescent white down below.  Every painting feels like an underpainting really.  I can't help but want to improve with more layers, it feels too thin, but I fear messing it up. To encourage myself, I ordered some sort of Michael Harding Oleo glow juice so we'll see how that goes.

More soon, xo k

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