Cephalopod from Another Planet

The Cute Lure, 8×8 inches, Oil on Linen, 2018

This little guy tickles me so much.  Have you seen the videos of a cuttlefish displaying?  Pretty dazzling and mesmerizing, really draws you in.  Mmm hmm.  Enjoy, but maybe don’t get too close. (Slow-motion)

This painting is for sale, along with three others, at the Winslow Art Center Small Works exhibition and sale, opening tomorrow, Dec. 7.  If they don’t sell at the show, I may see if I can sell them here or through etsy.  Although, I might just keep this one for myself, I love to just gaze and gaze at it.

XO, k


tako nigiri big boss

Tako Nigiri Big Boss Excellency , Watercolor pencils and photoshop, 2018. I don’t recommend you try to eat this one. Also, Wasabi-san and Gari-san deal with something unexpected.

(Drawn while on holiday in the Lake District, what a lovely week, thank you Pat.)