Chambered Nautilus

Chambered Nautilus, gouache on paper, Kato D, 2019, 15cm x 15cm

Subject: The chambered nautilus, one old cephalopod, has been lurking around the deep for the last 500 million years. They have up to 90 tentacles. I don’t know how they get air in or if it’s always in, but like their cuttlefish cousins they float or sink by changing the air pressure inside their shell. They propel themselves by shooting out a jet of water. Plus they are wearing a little suit if armor, which, btw, you should never buy because they are hunted and endangered due to the shell trade. (Read more: Center for Biological Diversity article on the Nautilus)

Process: I’ve seen a lot of oil painters do studies in gouache. I hate stretching paper because it becomes so precious but I found a square watercolor block on deep discount and bought it to try the gouache. It seems easy to work with but fragile in the long run, at least on paper anyways. The paintings I’ve taken off the block are already starting to curl and need to be framed, which is one of the reasons I switched to oil paining, to avoid glass and frames. I’ve ordered some mat sealant spray for this batch and if ease of use trumps glass and frames then I’ll get some illustration board and keep you posted.

More soon, xo, k

Cephalopod from Another Planet

The Cute Lure, 8×8 inches, Oil on Linen, 2018

This little guy tickles me so much.  Have you seen the videos of a cuttlefish displaying?  Pretty dazzling and mesmerizing, really draws you in.  Mmm hmm.  Enjoy, but maybe don’t get too close. (Slow-motion)

This painting is for sale, along with three others, at the Winslow Art Center Small Works exhibition and sale, opening tomorrow, Dec. 7.  If they don’t sell at the show, I may see if I can sell them here or through etsy.  Although, I might just keep this one for myself, I love to just gaze and gaze at it.

XO, k


tako nigiri big boss

Tako Nigiri Big Boss Excellency , Watercolor pencils and photoshop, 2018. I don’t recommend you try to eat this one. Also, Wasabi-san and Gari-san deal with something unexpected.

(Drawn while on holiday in the Lake District, what a lovely week, thank you Pat.)