pink frosting for brains or pink brains for frosting
kato d 2018 mixed media (pencil, ink and oil on paper with photoshop and 25% ludwig instagram filter)

That’s frosting! Or is it? The cupcakes continue to disintegrate… I’m sure someone has already done this, but I loved the idea and I didn’t google it because I didn’t want to see what had been done before in terms of pink brains for frosting or pink frosting for brains whichever the case may be.… Read More


Art for sale on Fine Art America!

Panda Joy

Panda Joy Blue, Kato D 2018

Folks, I’ve been working hard to get some art out and start this blog.  I’m in the process of setting up two stores, one for original works of art (figuring out international shipping costs is the main hold up on this one right now but I’m leaning toward Etsy) and one store for prints, tote bags,  mugs, t-shirts, etc which is Fine Art America/Pixels.com.  … Read More