Day 2 of 1000 Miles Against Pancreatic Cancer

I worked a lot harder on the bike today to reduce my battery usage as we rode from Newbiggen-by-the-sea to Alnmouth. I rode 22 miles, the Cramers rode all the way to Alnwick so another 4-5 miles. I stopped at the Alnmouth Train Station because it was a good place to be collected by a taxi rather than my battery possibly run out on a bike path inaccessible to cars. Total miles ridden on Day 2 = 108. In the afternoon, we visited Alnwick Castle which was amazing and stayed the night at Alnwick Lodge which was charming and had an excellent breakfast.

You can help make a difference by supporting PCUK in the United Kingdom or Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation in the USA in memory of Chris.

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