Things I thought about being for Emerald City Comicon cosplay 2024

Ahsoka Tano

Duchess Satine of Mandalore

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Overcooked 2 bonus expansion pack special chef Mermaid

Star Wars background creature


Leia Buns

Star Trek


Duchamp with urinal plushie

Magritte something

Cat in the Hat

Alice in Wonderland

Willrow Hood

What We Do in the Shadows film (Viago or Vlad)

What I pulled together on the last day! 

Chris called me “Snips” due to my Jedi level photoshopping skills. Despite really wanting to be her, I originally dismissed Ahsoka due to the complicated head gear plus specialty clothing but I really wanted to do Star Wars for Chris.  So, with one day I didn’t finish the hat and couldn’t locate my grey yoga skirt and capris but I bought two official Disney Ahsoka light sabers, a knit hat and some yarn, wore grey and did my best. I’ve started working on an Ahsoka hat prototype so I’ll post that when it’s done!

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