Jiffy panda pizza mix – just add panda!

I’ve got a few disjointed things to say… First, when is anything good enough? I feel like I should paint this ten more times and then post it, but I do sort of like this also for it’s charm and expediency. 

I’m separated from my oil paints right now and have to paint in gouache, an opportunity to practice speed and getting in and out and done. Calling something done seems to take more practice than anything else, and there is always a problem that if I try to fix seems to ruin the looseness of it all so there has to be some balance between fixing or allowing bad drawing or problem areas and continuity and overall feel. Maybe I just have to practice more and get better, and then the question is, should I share or not share things that aren’t perfect?  Can it be worth sharing and not perfect?  I do think my cube paintings have helped me paint this box, thank you Paul Foxton for encouraging the value studies.

Have I mentioned I used to make assemblages? I made this box like 15 years ago and I enjoyed doing assemblage but it takes a lot of space, both to make things and store all the bits and bobs, space which for the last 15 years I have not had. I have a little space to oil paint nearby, not big enough to even stand up and back up away from the canvas but I’m away from even that for a few weeks (by choice) so this will be good practice with the gouache which needs even less space. 

One main reason I started painting at all two years ago was because I haven’t had the space to build these things but if I want to paint them, ok, I can do that now, I am learning to paint.

My next thought then is like, how or should I explain what this is about?  I think the most important thing i think i can do right now is just paint more and finish more, then i can practice writing what it’s about…  although maybe it’s completely transparent and obvious and you are left with a feeling like you don’t know if you should like it or not…  liking it but some vague dis-ease?  That would probably be the best reaction I could think of.

Thank you for considering what I am blathering on about… new information has come to light.  These were fresh thoughts, at least to me, 15 years ago but what I really want to know now is how do we change the course of civilizations when they are going in the wrong direction?!?  All I can do at the moment is change myself and hopefully share my changes in a visually appealing way I guess…

xoxo, k

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