Artist Statement Notes

My work focuses mainly on presenting in a beautiful and, hopefully often, humorous way contradictions and philosophical principles I see arising from humanity's insane and absurd beliefs and practices that are [clearly] leading us to our doom.

[find the reference - it is easier to just believe something we want to believe than to open ourselves up to criticism by being analyzed or wrong or to use the mental energy to contemplate things we are already closed to. The lazy mind just wants to be right, flatter or congratulate itself by recognizing that which justifies the ego]

I seek to promote respect and recognition of the consciousness, emotional capacity and intellgence of species other than humans.

(We have the power and the stupidity to take everything else down with us.  Nature will restore balance, will there be an intelligence to excavate our remains many MILLION years in the future?)

I want to focus on love, beauty and humor to balance sadness and despair but not ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist, it must be incorporated.

I love science and the scientific method, but I know there is a lot of spiritual potential that most people are not ready for yet and unfortunately can not begin to comprehend.  There are many ancient wisdom texts that we can learn from about how we should be treating each other, the environment and the Earth.  I believe in Jesus's message to treat everyone and every situation in the most loving way possible and not to be bound by rigid rules enforced by hypocrites.

I like to paint pieces with pop culture references to endear myself to people who like the same influences and presumably have similar interests and values as me.  Plus I just love to practice painting the characters that I love.

My art journey has been really varied as I have tried different mediums over the years and worked through my ideas.  [notes on painting as a medium vs assemblage as a medium]


My interests include: [insert list here]


X To expose contradictions and illuminate philosophical principles related to humanity's insane beliefs and practices that are evil, destructive and leading us to our doom.

X To create work with beauty and humor to balance sadness and despair

X To promote respect and recognition of the consciousness, emotional capacity and intellgence of species other than humans

To bring joy, to be a force for good, to stay positive, to be silly and play

focus on what has got me excited in that moment -- scott canary

create a world i can believe in, create a setting for the jewel -- kathleen speranza

to work through my own emotional struggles through my art to connect to others who have or are going through similar emotional struggles. To make work that viewers connect to and relate to emotionally and/or intellectually

There is a lot to take in about how to be a painter and the issues and challenges that painting creates above and beyond the message of the piece. I have always first and foremost been concerned with the message of the piece, followed closely by making it beautiful or good. The process of making it beautiful in a painting is very different from making it beautiful in an assemblage because I am translating the light and adding the filter of a painter in addition to building my subject and conveying my message.

I don't want to just fill in the lines. i can't have layers and depth without layers and depth and risking and allowing the destruction of what came before.

I have more ideas than i have time to express beautifully the way i would like to. i have an idea, then it takes weeks to produce a painting manifesting that idea. i believe i will get better and faster as i keep practicing, but i have to let go of perfection and even beauty sometimes and just get the idea out there when the painting is just barely "good enough".

more art faster - Alexi from saic

If you're a philosopher, artist, thinker, doer, maker, rebel, lover of beauty, absurdist, surrealist or dreamer then I want to connect with you. share my excitement, what tickles or frustrates me

A lot of my work involves themes of food, speciesism, vegetarianism, endangered species, luxury, candy, what is ok to eat and what is not ok to eat, the awesomeness and delicacy of nature and I want to recognize and respect the feelings, consciousness and awesomeness of other species.

I was an early practitioner of photoshop and loved the ability to make fakes -- fake photos, fake drawings and fake artifacts. Sadly now, the fake phenomena is now old enough to be decried as a way to discredit real news and put out propaganda in the form of fake news!

INSERT FAKE NEWS ART HERE - protecting our pandas, panda daredevil, nov 2053

I graduated high school feeling like I couldn't draw (which I really couldn't but I hadn't been taught how) and therefore was no good at "art" so I applied and was accepted to engineering school at the University of Michigan, the outcome of that being a philosophy degree which I think I put into practice just about every day so I shouldn't complain too much about not having gone to art school way back then. I'm sure we all wish we knew twenty years ago some of the things we know now.



The downside of photoshopping is being on the computer and I don't like it that much. It is a comfort zone, but I just feel bad after a day on the computer as opposed to a day making things with my hands in my studio. I switched to making assemblages instead of just photoshopping them but it turns out you really need a warehouse to make assemblages and nowhere that I ever lived was big enough or had enough flat space. I wish I had photos of my place right before my two assemblage shows there was literally art being made on cardboard trays on every surface in the living room, kitchen and bathroom!

I've taken up oil painting because some of the best

Some of my favorite artists from the past... mention in the right space above if appropriate.

Some of my favorite artists currently...

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