Yōkai (Kitune & Kokkuri-san)

I love kawaii, so after I researched “Yōkai” a few days ago, I knew I had to draw a super-cute nine-tailed trickster fox spirit before midnight Seattle time on Oct 7! Possession seems pretty fitting for Halloween plus I love numismatics, so it’s all coming together in this one.

I honestly knew very little about Yokai and hadn’t even ever heard that word before it showed up in the Mabsdrawlloween list. Kitune is the fox spirit and Kokkuri-san is like Ouija played with a coin and the fox possesses you.

I found a tutorial online for how to draw a kawaii cat by @tatyanadeniz that I used as a guide. I’m also calling it #wip because this had to be done very quickly so it’s not nearly as worked over as I’d like to to be, but you get the idea. Want to play a game?

xo, k

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